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Company details

PPH BAGSTAR Roman Owczarczyk

PPH BAGSTAR Roman Owczarczyk


Annopol 4

03-236 Warszawa





zadzwoń: 224243393


FAX: 22 266-89-07

Bank account

Rachunek EURO: 44 1240 6175 1978 0010 6546 4479

PEKAO Bank Pekao S.A.: 52 1240 6175 1111 0000 4568 3150

Company data:

TIN: 1130200376

Regon: 017427314

Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej:


Top 2: Promotional

PLN483.44 -24% PLN367.77
Arkusze PLA, 40x30cm, op. 1000 arkuszy

About the Company

About the Company:

Our company was established in 1991. We are a manufacturer of foil bags, and also a supplier with the aim to provide complex stock of all necessary goods for shops, offices, bars, restaurants, bakeries and wholesalers. In our offer we have also goods for retail sale.

We are cooperating with the best Polish and international manufactures. Our wide offer is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers covering all the aspects which are necessary to run the business. The main advantages of our company are a wide and diversified offer, attractive prices, quality and quick reaction and delivery time.

Are you running a shop, office, bakery, bar or restaurant? Are you looking for savings? You are in the right place!!

Thanks to our help you will be able to reduce costs and time. As a manufacturer of foil bags and supplier of all goods necessary to equip your company we are able to meet even the most demanding requirements.

In our regular offer we have the following products:

  • plastic and foil bags including garbage bags
  • eco friendly bags
  • paper bags
  • wrapping paper
  • cash register paper rolls
  •  cleaning products
  • professional chemical cleaners (HACCAP)
  • stationeries
  • gift wrapping papers and gift bags
  • self-adhesive tapes
  • scales and tapes for scales
  • labellers and tapes for labellers
  • gloves
  • APF polyethylene, polypropylene and aluminium foils
  • job-printing
  • disposable dishes
  • food containers, boxes and trays
  • paper towels and toilet papers
  • toners and inks for printers, faxes and xeros
  • Rubber bands, Ziploc bags, seals and foils and paper cutters
  • egg trays